Ripping DVDs to MPEG-2 Transport Streams for DLNA streaming

DVD to MPEG2-TS Ripper for Linux

A while back I released a script that rips a DVD to MPEG-2 PS allowing the user to select one audio stream and one subtitle stream. Optionally the video can be requantised, using M2VRequantiser and an ISO image created. If creating an ISO image the chapters are also preserved from the original DVD. You can see the original post below.

I’ve just released an update to that original script which fixes subtitles in the original MPEG-2 PS mode but now adds the capability to rip MPEG-2 TS. The video stream can still be shrunk and in MPEG-2 PS mode the video is still requantised but in MPEG-2 TS mode the video is re-encoded as H.264.

Requantising is faster but can introduce artifacting. H.264 encoding is slower, but produces very good quality. I am currently re-importing my entire DVD collection, using this script, to my DLNA server using MPEG-2 TS and re-encoding the video to H.264. This gives me high quality rips at relatively small size (~3Gb) whilst preserving Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Perfect for playback via DLNA on the PS3. Some things to be aware of:

  • Subtitles are only supported in MPEG-2 PS mode.
  • MPEG-2 PS files created by this script are DVD compliant.
  • ISO files created by this script will preserve the chapters from the original DVD.
  • The PS3 can only play DTS audio in MPEG-2 PS streams when they have been authored to DVD.
  • The PS3 can only play subtitles in MPEG-2 PS streams when they have been authored to DVD.
  • The PS3 can’t play DTS audio in MPEG-2 TS streams therefore this script will transcode DTS to AC3 when in MPEG-2 TS mode.

To download the script and find out how to make full use of it visit the release page below.