Open Media Vault on the HP ProLiant MicroServer G7 N54L

Setting up Open Media Vault on the HP MicroServer N54L

I’ve installed Open Media Vault (OMV) on my new HP ProLiant MicroServer G7 N54L to replace my aging, and lackluster, ReadyNAS NV.

OpenMediaVault (OMV) is a network attached storage (NAS) solution based on Debian Linux. At the time of writing OMV 0.5.x is based on Debian 6.0 (Squeeze).

This blog post is not going to cover the extremely simple OMV installation procedure, it assumes OMV 0.5.x is already installed. This post explains how to upgrade the kernel, install some addtional plugins and some hackery to update Transmission.

This blog post is basically the essential notes I need to recreate my server setup.

N54L Custom BIOS

I’ve installed one of the custom BIOS mods for the N54L.

I selected the BIOS mod above because the guy who created was an HP engineer and this BIOS mod only enables additional features that the N54L can actually support. Using this BIOS mod I’ve been able to:

  • Enable AHCI for the Optical Disk Drive (ODD) port.
  • Enable AHCI and port multiplier for the the e-SATA port.
  • Make all drives hot-pluggable.

The 250GB hard drive that came with N54L is now relocated in the optical drive day and being used as the OS drive, leaving all 4 bays for data.

As some point in the future I may want to hook up a 4 bay e-SATA enclosure and this BIOS mod makes that possible.

Open Media Vault

Once Open Media Vault is installed, I do the following.

Enable SSH

OMV actually has a really good WebUI that can be used to accomplish most update/upgrade tasks but I can’t help myself. I must have shell access. From the OMV WebUI:

  • Services -> SSH
    • Put a tick in Enable and click the OK button.

Shell Tools

Things crave when at the a shell.

Login to your OMV server as root using SSH and then do the following.

apt-get install less lsb-release rsync screen tree

OMV Plugins

OMV has a number of built-in plugins and a third party repository of plugins.

Built-in Plugins

Update the built-in plugins.

  • System -> Plugins
    • Click the Check icon.

Logical Volume Manager

I use LVM. There, I said it. Enable the LVM2 plugin as follows from the OMV WebUI.

  • System -> Plugins
    • Highlight the openmediavault-lvm2 plugin.
    • Click the Install icon and then Yes.
    • When the install is Done ..., click Close.

3rd Party OMV-Plugins

Follow the instructions on the following page to enable the OMV-Extras plugin repository.

Backports 3.2 Kernel

I updated the Kernel to 3.2 because it better supports the N54L hardware, in particular the embedded graphics controller. The Linux 3.2 kernel can be installed via OMV-Extras.

  • System -> -> Install Backports 3.2 kernel

Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server is available as a plugin once the OMV-Extras plugin repository is enabled. Plex is managed via the OMV WebUI.

  • Services -> Plex


Transmission is available as a plugin once the OMV-Extras plugin repository is enabled. Transmission is managed via the OMV WebUI.

  • Services -> BitTorrent -> Server.

It’s all very straight forward. I use the following block list.

That pretty much covers the stuff I won’t remember in the future. I’m considering adding LXC and Dropbox in the coming that will require some manual steps.