Push Zimbra contacts, calendars & tasks to your iPod using Linux

Sync Zimbra Contacts, Calendar and Tasks to your iPod

We use Zimbra at work for email, contacts, calendaring, etc. I have Zimbra syncing with Thunderbird and my phone, I love it.

At the weekend I was updating the music library on my iPod Nano (2nd Gen) and noticed I had hidden the Contact and Calendar menu entries. I decided to see if I could get my iPod Contacts and Calendar synced with Zimbra, it turned out to be very simple. In the examples below replace username and password with your Zimbra user credentials. Obviously use the URL to your Zimbra server and replace /media/IPOD with where your Linux distribution has mounted your iPod.

wget https://username:password@your.zimbraserver.tld/zimbra/home/username/contacts.vcf -O /media/IPOD/Contacts/contacts.vcf
wget https://username:password@your.zimbraserver.tld/home/username/Calendar -O /media/IPOD/Calendars/calendar.ics
wget https://username:password@your.zimbraserver.tld/home/username/Tasks -O /media/IPOD/Calendars/tasks.ics